The Hate, omniversitile, of Cicada (aka “The HOOK“) are an international league of humans willing to stand up to these bastard children of the devil. Reaching up to 120db, in some regions, these demon sporn are responsible for psychological damage, hearing and organ damage, as well as heart attack (*up to 3% sole cause).

Using a jack hammer or, say, riding a motor bike wielding a chainsaw for 30 mins (with ear plugs) is not as dangerous as being exposed to 14hrs of daily cicada death shrieks.

These acoustic poisons, known for their ability to adapt and become louder than 4 lanes of city traffic, if need be, are a social menace the likes of which have not been seen since the second world war.

Rumor has it that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) received their nickname “drones” due to the sound of a UAV jet engine reminding a soldier on duty of the deafening howl of Cicada. And due to Cicada inflicting similar damage to persons around the world as the US “assassination from the sky” program, by some accounts. If more surreptitiously. >>

The sound of cicada are also used for cacophony in the coercive component of interrogation techniques at black sites; though this rumor, too, can not easily be confirmed.

But it is, none the less, all too easy to believe. -_-


JR, International President (The HOOC) and District Chair (Australia).


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